Capabilities for HTML integration.

You can easily integrate the preferred functionalities in your website. You web developer only has to copy code fragments.

Icon of login integration.

Login and registration from your website.

All your clients (students, parents, employers) will create their own accounts and login from your website.

Icon of email integration.

Receiving your emails.

The emails to be sent will be on behalf of your school with your company information in the content.

Icon on catalog integration.

Course catalogue display .

You have a catalogue with all the courses that you wish your clients to see.

Icon of Course integration.

Sign up for a course from your website.

Your clients can sign up for a course at your website.

Icon of test integration.

Self-assessment tests.

Allow the visitors of your website to check their level without feeling involved.

Icon of price integration.

Show prices at your website.

Prices for group or individual training will be visible at your website, both in the catalogue and on various pages according to your preference.

Integration via link.

Button for entering your information, linking to your SchoolManage account.

Iframe with a course button.

Button with your design, showing real-time price information from your SchoolManage account.

Iframe with a catalogue of all courses.

Iframe area with the entire catalogue of courses offered.

Do you need more technical information?

If you require any further information about the options for integration in your website, contact us.