SchoolManage – count on us in difficult moments!

Because of the extraordinary difficult situation for the tuition business and the lack of clarity on its duration, the SchoolManage Team has decided to stand behind and support our present and future clients in their struggle to reduce the negative impact of this crisis. Therefore:

  • We are lowering the prices for SchoolManage usage by 50%.
  • To our current clients, SchoolManage will provide them with FREE virtual classrooms so that they can transfer their business to an online form.
  • To our new clients, SchoolManage will provide them with 1 FREE BigBlueButton virtual classroom for the period of their free trial. After that they can use the amount of free rooms which corresponds to their selected SchoolManage package.

*- This offer is only valid until the prohibition on physical attendance of classes expires and is valid for current and future SchoolManage users only.

SchoolManage – with the help of technologies.

SchoolManage is web-based CRM software for management of learning centres, language schools and vocational training centres with valuable and very practical functionalities. We focus on in-house real-time processes, access to information, management of relationships among students, teachers, administrators, parents, employers, as well as online marketing and customer care.

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Data protection.

SchoolManage complies with the GDPR requirements. The personal database is encrypted and the key is kept at a bank safe. We do not share your client information with anybody.

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Hire your most hard-working employee.

Focus on the development of your business, while SchooolManage takes care around the clock of every process within your school.

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Give added value to your clients.

The entire information available in real-time, ready online tests, virtual wallet, reports to the parent (employer), reminders and many other client-oriented functions.

We are constantly developing.

SchoolManage is a multifunctional system aiming to support the processes within a private school and provide everything it needs – nothing superfluous and nothing you pay for yet never use. The system has been in development for five years and is continuously expanding.

The latest functionality is:

Evaluation systems and Ranking.

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Icon of decrease costs.

Reduce costs.

By automating a large part of the in-house processes that normally take days, it will take only a few minutes. It is that easy.

Icon of Time is new currency.

Time is the new currency.

Have you figured out how much time you invest each month to calculate your clients’ tuition fees and the teachers’ remuneration? How about the time spent on calling to inform them of a current issue?

Icon of increase money.

Increase revenues.

Through transparency, online training, statistics and analyses, through effective marketing instruments such as email campaigns, you will increase their loyalty and satisfaction.

By using SchoolManage you will harness the computer technologies and allow them to make your business even more dynamic.

Innovations will make you stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Integration in your website.

SchoolManage is easy to integrate in your own website. The students, parents, employers and teachers will access their accounts through it. Use your logo and create the feeling that they use your own system.

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Distance management.

Everywhere with internet access, just enter your account and monitor in real time what is happening at your school.

Cloud technology.

SchooolManageis a web-based software using cloud technology for reliable data storage.

All you need in a single software.

It is no longer necessary to look for various solutions for your needs. We offer a wide variety of practical functionalities for training organizations. No redundancy.

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Икона на Нашите експерти

By professionals
for professionals.

At SchoolManage we have implemented the experience of leading private schools from three European countries with a total history of over 150 years. It is adapted for the needs of private educational centres.


Big and small solutions.

Grow up easier. It is always a good idea to get access to services that make the largest training companies successful.

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Transparency 24/7.

Increase the satisfaction of your current clients so that they remain your clients long-term. They need information on the spot and they should get it right away.

Would you like to learn more?

If you require further information about SchoolManage, if you need a personalized quote or if you have any technical inquires, our team will be happy to reply within 24 hours.

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