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Features related to your school's management and marketing.

Statements for corporate clients.

The periodical statements for the conducted tuitions of the employees of your corporate clients. You will be able to quickly generate the owed amounts.

Employer's Profile.

The corporate clients are premium clients. They require special attention and care, and detailed information on how the money for the tuition of their employees are being spent.

Inventory management.

You will always know what has been given to whom.

Administrator’s wallet.

You will know how much cash each of your administrators has received as well as all the payments handled by him/her.

Financial filters.

Filter different combinations of costs and revenues in order to display your school’s profits.

Regular expenses.

Add the costs which you regularly incur – e.g. rent, utilities, payrolls, social insurances, etc. They will be useful for the statistics.

Shared library.

Upload and share files with all participants in selected groups.

Evaluation systems.

Badges and 4 digit/letter grades evaluation systems. Select your combination.

Using SchoolManage with your logo.

Your brand is valuable, therefore it should be displayed in a header.

Email campaigns with precise targeting filters.

Send information that would be of interest to your former clients – for example, regarding the next level of education. That way you will know they would not unsubscribe from your bulletin because you pour information that is not aimed at them.

Potential new clients interested in a course.

You gather clients for future courses. You only need a name, a telephone number and their scope of interest.

Filters for registered interest of clients to a certain course.

Filter precisely the registered interests so that you know at all times what groups are being formed.

Notifications about upcoming payment by a client.

You will know when the a client’s payment deadline is approaching.

Monitoring outstanding payments.

You will know when a client is late with a payment or their wallet is negative.

Task lists.

Creating, commenting on and reporting of group and individual tasks.

Information dashboard with the most important website activities.

At a single glance you will have access to lagging deadlines, late payments, new orders and other urgent information.

You determine the duration of one class – from 30 to 90 minutes.

You can choose duration from 30 to 90 minutes, with a 5-minute interval.


If you have an entity with a different address, phone, email, bank account or a fundamentally different scope of education, you can set it apart as an affiliate with its own administrator.

Your own Teachers’ Regulations.

Create your own in-house rules of procedure for the teachers. They will see it in their own accounts.

Different company for each affiliate.

If your affiliates are situated in different cities, they can be managed by different companies, i.e. your clients receive different payment details.

Access levels for various administrators.

You are the chief administrator and you can appoint managing administrators with certain limited rights who are accountable to you.

In-house communication with administrators, clients, parents, teachers.

The administrators can send messages to anyone registered in the system, the teachers can send messages to their students, their parents and to the affiliate administrators; the teachers can send messages to their teachers and to all administrators.

Adding teachers, categorized by affiliates and subjects taught.

Teachers teaching one or more subjects at one or more affiliates are visible only for groups in that affiliate and only studying the subjects taught.

Teacher's Report editing.

By duration of classes, by amounts due by a client or by a teacher’s wage.

Generating payroll for the teacher’s monthly remuneration.

1 or 100 classes a month – generating the payroll takes equally short time – just a few seconds.

Parent account.

Your students’ parents have access to the accounts of their children and also receive information intended only for them – upcoming payments, their children’s progress, etc.

Email addresses reputation management.

Your clients’ incorrect or no longer existing emails or emails with bad reputation are visible for manual control in order to reduce the probability of your emails going to the SPAM folders of your clients.

Adding notes to a student.

You don’t have to remember things – write free-style notes about anything important.

Adding notes to a teacher.

You gave a textbook or other materials to a teacher – note it here.

Current clients interested in a course.

Your clients who stated they would enrol for the next level – you should know who they are.

Lump sum or deferred payment orders.

Deferred payment up to 13 instalments.

Client search.

By name, phone, email.

Order number search engine.

Across all affiliates.

Course duplicating.

Duplicating similar courses is much easier and more time-saving.

Mass course editing.

Editing the same information – of prices and dates.

Discounts and promotions with deadlines.

Automatic recovery of standard prices after the promotion expiry.

Sending over 70 types of system emails.

Registration and course enrolment, reminders about upcoming deadline for a task assigned, wallet movements and many more emails, useful to you, your clients and your colleagues.

Flexible schedule with one-time and repeating events.

With check -up for overlapping teachers and classrooms, substitutions and adding events.

Adding more than one teacher within a group.

When a teacher substitutes for another teacher.

Different wages for different teachers within a group.

Two or more teachers may have different wages although they teach the same group.

Different wages of the same teacher for different groups.

For example: The teacher’s remuneration may vary according to the levels taught.

Hiding an active group from a teacher.

If for some reason you do not wish a teacher to be in touch with a group. The teacher is hidden from the clients and the group is hidden from the teacher.

Generating links for html integration.

Separate link for each course.

Iframe integration.

Of the course catalogue and individual buttons.

Self-assessment tests for the visitors of your website.

With an option to receive the results via email.

Hiding courses.

If you happen to offer a course that you do not wish to appear in your course catalogue.

Mass messages to teachers.

Inform all your colleagues at once with just a few more clicks.

Quick translation of the SchoolManage interface into other languages.

We are ready to translate SchoolManage into your language for the shortest lead time possible.

Monitoring new orders through the website.

The list of new orders placed by your clients through the website is visible on the dashboard.

Automatically informing the parent about a child’s absence.

Only when absent, but after each absence, via email.

Group course attendance statistics.

Monthly statistics for each group’s attendance. Suitable for reporting to a corporate client.

Icon of customer features.

Features adding value to your service for the most important people - your clients.

Storage for shared files.

The student has access to the files shared with him/her by the administrators.

Overall ranking of your students.

Competition stimulates. The marks of each student count towards his/her position in your overall ranking. This is the history of your school.


The teacher evaluates the performance in class or the homework of his/her students.

Shared library.

The students receive access to shared files uploaded by the administrators.


The student downloads the activated files or links for homework and he/she can fill the answers directly into the SchoolManage’s text editor or can upload a file.

Attendances / Absences.

For each student, for each lesson. If the student is a child, the parent will receive an automated notification for every absence.

Contract templates for your students.

Create your own contracts as templates. Generate personal tuition contracts for your clients with a few clicks.

Information dashboard.

Your client will have access to the most important information at first glance.

Personal pricing plans for each student.

You can determine personal pricing plans for each student or each individual order. That way SchoolManage warns you and the client about amounts due and payment deadlines.

Virtual wallet of your clients.

Payments and spending of each of your clients in real time.

Reminders for upcoming classes.

For every event marked in the student’s calendar.

Notification about upcoming payment.

When the balance in the wallet decreases or in the event of upcoming deferred payment instalment.

Notification about delayed payment.

Notification when the personal payment deadline expires.

Automatic restriction of access to learning for an individual client with outstanding payments.

When the balance in the wallet is below the stop limit.

Report claim by a client.

When the client contests certain wallet movement or class duration. The claim is approved or rejected by an administrator.

Warning and stop limits.

If your individual clients prepay their education, you can adjust personal limits for every single client. You can make them negative if your clients pay after they have received their service.

Group, semi-individual and individual education.

In group education the client pays for the entire course; for individual and semi-individual education the client pays based on 1 class.

Lump sum or deferred payment orders.

Deferred payment up to 13 instalments.

Real-time balance adjustment in the virtual wallet.

According to teachers’ reports, report adjustments and claims.

Online and offline education.

You can offer various types of education at the same affiliate – online, offline, or both.

Registration of 2 or more children via parent’s email.

Your youngest students who still do not have their own email account can be registered and acquire their own accounts through their parent’s email.

Calendars with previous and upcoming classes.

Current classes are available in real time at your clients’ dashboards.

Rating of teachers.

Your clients rate anonymously their teachers.

Progress and Progress report cards.

Periodic student performance reports by the teachers, created by using your own criteria.

Clients’ Regulations.

Create your school’s rules of procedure and your clients can see it in their accounts. They acknowledge it upon registration.

In-house communication with administrators, clients, parents, teachers.

The administrators can send messages to anyone registered in the system, the teachers can send messages to their students, their parents and to the affiliate administrators; the teachers can send messages to their teachers and to all administrators.

Ready language online tests.

Levels from А1 to С1

Creating your own tests.

Create your own test database according to the subjects taught.

Uploading audio files.

.mp3 files. Soon it will be possible for your teachers to upload and manage the content within the different groups by themselves.

Virtual classrooms.

Specialised software for online education – BBB Virtual Classroom.

Recorded lessons for online education.

The online sessions are recorded and your clients have 3-year access to review them again and again.

"Free Trial" courses.

Online courses with duration of 7 calendar days.

Icon of teacher features

Your teachers are the "accelerator" of your "machine".

Evaluating the students.

The teacher evaluates the performance in class or the homework of his students.


The teacher can sequentially activate different homework for every group separately according to its progress.

Shared library.

The teacher can upload his own contents (files or links) for homework. These contents can also be shared by the teacher with other teachers.

Marking the absent students.

With a single click the teacher will note down whether the student has been absent from the class. If the student is a child with a linked parent, an automated notification will be sent to the parent.

Contract templates for your teachers.

Create your own contracts as templates. Generate contracts for your teachers with a few clicks.

Reports on classes held by a teacher.

Immediate coverage in the client’s wallet.

Schedule management by a teacher.

Your teachers can create new events and delete existing ones in their schedule. The created events must be approved by an administrator.

Form for absent students.

At the end of each class, prior to reporting, the teacher fills in the attendance form.

Staged activation of tests to the client.

The teacher activates the tests sequentially according to the group’s progress.

Report editing.

By class duration.

Group and individual tasks.

Commenting and reporting by your colleagues and teachers.

In-house communication with administrators, clients, parents, teachers.

The teachers can send messages to their students, their parents and to all affiliate administrators.

Mass messages.

To all students within a group.

Templates of frequently sent messages.

The teachers can create their own message templates to students or administrators for any frequently sent messages.

Calendars with previous and upcoming classes.

Calendars with previous and upcoming classes.  Current classes are available in real time at your teacher’ dashboards.

Your own Teacher’s Regulations.

Create your own in-house rules of procedure for the teachers. They will see it in their own accounts.

Help Video for your teachers.

Your teachers will have training videos about most of the functionalities in their accounts.