Why SchoolManage?

We know the specifics of the learning business and have created a solution especially for it.

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Learning all over the world is changing, especially language learning.

The classic non-formal learning is under pressure by online platforms for direct contact between students and teachers-freelancers.

These online platforms will compete more and more with the language schools and the other learning centres as we know them today, since education is digitalizing and communication goes online. Learning centres need to change to survive.

What is the change?

Printed textbooks are replaced by software. More and more people learn through video lessons, online resources, various kinds of interactive software, blogs, forums, groups in social networks.

These people have the ever-increasing need for the teacher to assume the role of a consultant. Online content is free or extremely low-priced; as a result, that changes and damages the business of private schools. Furthermore, clients want information in real-time and right away.

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Our mission.

Since it is impossible to affect the changes in the learning business, the goal of SchoolManage is to keep the private schools and centres in touch with the new trends at affordable prices.

SchoolManage helps non-formal learning schools reform and not be left behind; to reduce costs and increase revenues. In short – efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

Specifically created for schools for non-formal and informal learning.

Schoolmanage.net is your response to the challenges you face – a web-based ERP tool for technological  upgrading of the business of non-formal learning centres and language schools in order to be competitive on the global market.

Give soft benefits and added value for your clients’ money! Provide complex service according to the new expectations – a complete service!

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More capabilities.

Learn more what SchoolManage can do for your school and your clients.

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Video Tutorials.

Check out our video tutorials and learn more about SchoolManage.

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Are you ready for GDPR?

Meet easily the requirements of the regulation on personal data protection.

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