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Picture of evaluation systems

Module Evaluation systems and Ranking

12th of July 2019

Five systems for evaluating your students in SchoolManage.
The new SchoolManage function allows your teachers to evaluate the class performance or the homework of their students. In their profiles the students have a personal “Success journal” with all of their marks. The good performance would increase the student’s position in the overall ranking of the school. Every student has a rank which doesn’t depend solely on the tuition. A certain value can also be given to the payments made by your clients – your longstanding clients would get additional points for the many payments they have deposited so far. That value is decided by you.

Module Library and Homework

15th of April 2019

In the Library administrators and teachers can upload files and links. The administrators decide which groups would be granted access to which resources. During the tuition process, the teachers can assign the uploaded files and links as homework. The students can download and review the resources, then they can submit their solutions to any homework assigned to them, by either uploading their own file or by filling in their solution in the system’s text editor.

Picture of SchoolManage in Lithuanian.

SchoolManage now in Lithuanian language as well.

30th of January 2019

In addition to the English and Bulgarian languages, SchoolManage interface and the automatic system notifications are now also available in Lithuanian language.

We offer our deep gratitude to iCAN mokimo centras for their hard work on translating the software.

Contract templates for students and teachers.

20th of November 2018

With SchoolManage you can now generate contracts from previously created templates.

Create your own contract templates. Generate a personal tuition contract for your clients with a few clicks or contracts for your teachers as well.

Picture of contract templates

Installment payments up to 13.

9th of September 2018

Latest upgrade on SchooManage enables you to offer your clients up to 13 deferred payments.

With a single click you can quickly add an installment plan with up to 13 payments for each student. You can tailor the number and the amount of the payments, as well as the deadline, for any of your students. Let the SchoolManage take care of tracking and reminding your clients about the incoming payments according to their personal installment plan.

SchoolManage at “CAMBRIDGE DAY 2018”.

12th of May 2018

SchoolManage took part as exhibitor at the biggest event for the English teaching schools and organizations in Bulgaria – CAMBRIDGE DAY 2018.
The product we’ve presented generated interest from managers of language centers, who attended the conference organized by Klett Bulgaria. Most of them made a request for their free trial period at the event, and some of them did it right after it:

“Hello, I’m writing you with reference to our conversation during CAMBRIDGE DAY 2018, where you’ve presented SchoolManage persuasively, we would like to make a request for a trial period of this product per a month or longer, if it’s possible. Thank you in advance. Kind regards.”

Picture of GDPR

GDPR features.

13th of April 2018

Are you ready for GDPR. Protect Your Business and Your Clients!

• Your own personal data and the personal information of your employees and your clients is safely stored in an encrypted form.
• Consent for use of personal data.
• Choice of the retention period for personal data and automatic reminders, if they meet certain conditions and have to be erased.
• Exercise of the rights of the individuals in order to require access, correction, limitation, objection or erasure of personal data.

Email address rating management.

21st of October 2017

Incorrect email addresses or bad email reputation?

Spam filters can mark your emails as unreliable, thus impeding your communication with the addressees. Manage the email reputation of the emails you send to.

Picture of email reputation
Picture of redesign

Redesign of SchoolManage.

14th of September 2017

In order to provide design driven by the latest trends, we have started a large-scale project – the SchoolManage redesign. We will be implementing it step by step in every system module; it will available for the administrators’ part first. Then we will make your clients’ module better and finally, the teachers’ module.

The project will be completed by the end of 2017.