Free Trial Period

We understand how busy you are and we want you to be completely sure of your choice.

We know the difficulties you will encounter when introducing an ERP management system in your school – building habits in you, your administrators, your teachers, detailed introduction to the SchoolManage properties.

If SchoolManage is what you need, just one month will not be enough. We will have your back – by providing technical and organizational advice and sharing our experience.

And don’t forget – your clients are waiting to receive their complex service.

We are ready to extend your free trial period up to three months if:

– after the expiry of the first month you integrate SchoolManage in your website;

– you actively use your administrator account;

– once a week you send us feedback regarding SchoolManage.

* The free trial period does not include virtual classrooms. If you want to use them, you should contact their publishers.
** The extended free trial period does not apply if you exceed the number of emails included in your plan.