Email Marketing

Email marketing at SchoolManage is a powerful tool for attracting, keeping and engaging clients.

SchoolManage sends over 70 types of emails: email bulletins, emails for registrations and orders, reminders and emails duplicating in-house correspondence.

Icon of Newsletter emails.

Email bulletins and promotions.

Provide your clients with timely and useful information about their courses, next levels they might be interested in, current promotions.

Icon of Order email.

Emails for registrations and orders.

You clients receive the information they need – creating an account, making new orders.

Icon of reminders

Reminders for upcoming events and payments.

Focus on those who have already showed interest in your school – your clients. Increase their loyalty!

Icon of Duplicate emails

Emails duplicating in-house correspondence.

Every user receives duplicating emails of the notifications in their account. Show your clients that you value their time.

Picture of Mass mail marketing.

What happens when you reach the limit of your plan? – Never-ending emails.

Your pricing plan includes certain number of emails, completely sufficient for normal use. If you send email campaigns regularly, you may exceed that number but SchoolManage will continue to send the required emails.

You will pay an additional amount of EUR 0.99 for every 1000 emails started.

This amount will be calculated in your next monthly payment.

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