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„SchoolManage is the management platform that was able to provide what I haven’t even suspected my language centre needs. It is user-friendly and in the same time it is sufficiently complex and diversified, without anything superfluous.“

Petya Stoyanova, Principal of “Intelekti” Language Academy, Veliko Tarnovo

Manage your school processes within minutes, not days.

With the help of the time-saving functions of SchoolManage you manage and supervise the processes of your learning business in a manner of minutes. Find everything important that has happened with your school with just a few clicks.

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Variety of reports.

Reports segmented by days, months, per student, teacher or a group. Reports on amounts or time spent – all the information you need. ‘Time is money’ and by using the SchoolManage reports you will save a lot of time and effort.”

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Your clients require special treatment. You may determine personalised pricing plans for each student, for each individual order. And that would not take more of your time. Tell SchoolManage who owes what and when!

Icon of increase efficiency.

Improve CPA.

We do not wish to change the business processes at your school, we want to make them better. Reduce the human errors. SchoolManage monitors everything and forgets nothing.

Icon of Delegate rights.

Delegate rights.

We have intelligently delegated tasks to your employees and teachers. They will imperceptibly, yet gladly do part of your job.

Your clients need not only teaching.

Training, progress tests, communication with the teacher, timely information about any changes, financial transparency, and professional management – combine all that in one service: Customer care.

SchoolManage wallet

Virtual wallet.

The virtual wallet gives full clarity to your clients how their money is spent – simply and understandably. As a result, they can plan their future payments.

Icon of email campaigns.

Precise email campaigns.

You may send email campaigns through precise filters to clearly targeted groups. Your clients will receive only information of interest.

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Icon of Exchnge information

Electronic exchange of information.

You will use a variety of notifications and emails. Reduce to a minimum the problem with “lack of information” between colleagues and clients at your school.

Icon of Results are important

Results are most important.

Your clients will be able to monitor their own progress from the test results. Parents receive success rate information directly from the teacher.

Icon of Content is important.

Last but not least – content.

You can upload audio and pdf files with constant client access.

Icon of feedback

Receive feedback.

By using the SchoolManage polls you will have at your disposal the most valuable corrective – your clients – and you will know what to improve to become even more successful.

Picture of Schoolmanage Screenshots.

Using technologies not only directly in the teaching process but also in the organizational part of the training business is paramount for your success. We at SchoolManage know that. Therefore we have created a comprehensive platform for overall private school management.

We provide all functionalities to each and every client without additional payment for the various modules, no matter if you work independently or you have a training centre with many affiliates and teachers.

Start your 30-day free trial now! Under certain circumstances it may be extended up to 6 months.

Your own mini website.

If you do not have your own website, you can acquire one for free with courses, prices, sign up form, contact form, client login.

Virtual classrooms.

Еven if you choose only one room, you will use services available only to the largest pricing plans.

You hire our experts.

By hiring SchoolManage, you hire our entire team which is ready to assist you with advice leading to tangible results, without additional costs.

Your own email templates.

Create your own email templates, sent by SchoolManage and increase the loyalty of your clients. You can combine your logo and style with a variety of dynamic words.

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The best integration is ease-of-use, leading to eagerness to learn.

Fast entry.

Our interface is intuitive and logical. You can always benefit from our video tutorials to handle SchoolManage even faster.

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Priority support.

At your convenience – your questions, our answers. The goal is for you to maximise all SchoolManage functionalities. You can rely on the support of our specialists through the remote access software.

Mobile management.

The adaptive SchoolManage design allows you to use the functionalities in the web browser of a mobile phone. You and your clients will have quickly and timely access from anywhere in the world.

Find your pricing plan.


39.90 €/mo
Up to 5 teachers
1 affiliate
Unlimited Students
GDPR features
Up to 2000 emails
Module "Corporate clients"
+ 5.90 €/mo
Module "Administrator's wallet"
+ 5.90 €/mo
3 months Priority Support


59.90 €/mo
Up to 20 teachers
Up to 3 affiliates
Unlimited Students
GDPR features
Up to 4000 emails
Module "Corporate clients"
+ 9.90 €/mo
Module "Administrator's wallet"
+ 9.90 €/mo
6 months Priority Support


79.90 €/mo
Up to 40 teachers
Up to 4 affiliates
Unlimited Students
GDPR features
Up to 6000 emails
Module "Corporate clients"
+ 14.90 €/mo
Module "Administrator's wallet"
+ 14.90 €/mo
6 months Priority Support


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Over 41 teachers
Over 5 affiliates
Unlimited Students
GDPR features
Over 6000 emails
Module "Corporate clients"
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Module "Administrator's wallet"
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6 months Priority Support

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Contacts us by using the contact form and send us some basic information, so we could create a free 1-month trial account for you. If afterwards you decide to become our client, the data entered during the trial period will not be lost. During this trial period you will receive full information assistance.

In compliance with GDPR, your personal data and your clients’ data is encrypted with 128 bit key, safeguarded in a bank safe. Only our personal data administrator has access to it and only in the presence of the SchoolManage manager. We do not share the available information with anybody.

At present SchoolManage is available in Bulgarian and English. If your business operates in a country with a different official language and you need to present the software functionalities to your clients in another language, we are ready to translate it for you for the shortest lead time possible.

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